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7 Things Brands Will Love About iOS 11 and 1 They Won’t

By Olga Aksenova on September 21, 2017

iOS 11

Earlier this year Apple announced a bunch of products and features including a turbocharged iMac, a MacBook, a MacBook Pro, and, a smart and wireless Siri-speaker called HomePod. All these WWDC releases were long-awaited, but there was a paramount one — iOS 11. On September, 19 Apple officially rolled out their new OS.

Building a Travel App: Best Practices for Travel Agencies and Entrepreneurs

By Olga Aksenova on September 14, 2017

Travel App

According to the stats, travel apps are becoming more popular year on year. 31% of all tourists reportedly search for travel information using a mobile device. 85% of travellers admit they cling to their smartphones during the whole trip. And as a result, online sales in the world travel industry is continuing to grow. Making it more and more appealing to invest in a travel app.

How to Build an Online Payment System and Challenge PayPal

By Ilya Kataev on September 7, 2017

Online Payment System

While bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are still a risky investment, the online payments market shows nothing but consistent growth. The turnover of e-wallets is 22% of the entire e-commerce market and will reportedly hit $668 billion by 2019. Fintech experts predict online payments to be more popular than transactions between credit and debit cards in just 2 years from now.

How to Choose a Mobile App Development Partner: 7 Insights

By Olga Aksenova on August 31, 2017

Mobile Development

Being a startup entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a CEO of a giant enterprise, you’ll eventually decide to develop your own app. Soon you’ll see that mobile app development is a multistage process that requires a team of experts, and it makes you wonder: “How to find the right mobile app development partner?”

Android Oreo: 6 New Features Business Must Know When Creating Apps

By Olga Aksenova on August 24, 2017

Android Oreo

Google officially announced Android Oreo — the new version of its mobile operating system on Monday while the solar eclipse was in full swing in the US. As Google’s latest blog says, the latest release of Android platform is “smarter, faster and more powerful than ever”.

5 Awesome Apps that Advocate NativeScript Development

By Ilya Kataev on August 10, 2017


What are the challenges of today’s world that entrepreneurs and business owners encounter? What questions puzzle them now? It’s the same as half a century ago: how to reduce costs, increase profits and attract clients. The only things that have changed are the business tools. The hottest one today is a mobile app. A marketing zeitgeist that drives sales, engages audiences and strengthens brand identity.

Progressive Web Apps: Use as Prescribed

By Olga Aksenova on August 3, 2017

Progressive Web Apps

Does your business feel bad and operate at a loss? Is your site traffic declining? Do you lose mobile users right after they download your mobile app? Try a progressive web app. It’s a new remedy for increasing customer loyalty developed by Google. Here are the instructions for use.

3 seconds, $25 million, and other numbers about chatbots in business

By Olga Aksenova on July 27, 2017

Chatbots For Business

2016 was the year of the chatbot. They help to increase conversion rates, retain customers and speed up a business's response to its customers. Forbes finds that chatbots have a great future. According to the latest research, chatbots will control 85% of all customer service interactions by 2020.