Celebrating Programmers' Day 2013 at Azoft
Azoft Blog Celebrating Programmers’ Day 2013

Celebrating Programmers’ Day 2013

By Daria Gaidamakova on September 17, 2013

Last Friday, September 13th, was the 256th day of the year. If you’re a programmer (or happen to work with programmers), you know what that means. Every year on this day, software developers around the world raise a toast to flawless code and celebrate their professional holiday. Needless to say, last Friday was a special day here in Azoft.

Did you know?

  • Day 256 was chosen in honor of the byte. An 8-bit byte can have 256 possible values (2^8 = 256).
  • Programmers’ Day is officially recognized in Russia (in 2009, president Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree which made the holiday official).
  • As of today, Russia is the only country that officially recognizes the holiday. However, developers in dozens of other nations, including the United States, observe and celebrate this day.

According to Azoft’s tradition, everyone was encouraged to participate in a challenge. Our web development team prepared a surprise for colleagues, at the same time demonstrating their skills in the field of robotics. Led by Alexey Romanenko, the guys built a robotic arm to be controlled via a web interface. To participate in the competition, Azoft employees logged into the web application and used their keyboard and mouse to move various objects from point A to point B using the robotic arm. The goal was to move as many objects as possible within a short time frame.

The robotic arm controlled via a web interface.

And the winners are:

  • 1st Place: Marina Kravchenko, Software Tester
  • 2nd Place: Alexey Eliseev, Java Developer
  • 3rd Place: Anastasia Dolzhikova, iOS Developer

And, of course, we had an office party with lots of good food and drinks. The day started with a special breakfast: everyone coming in the office was greeted with homemade pie, courtesy of our PR Manager, Anastasia Tolstikova. In the evening, the entire office came together for pizza, drinks, games, jokes, and hanging out. In short, Friday the 13th turned out well. Happy Programmers’ Day to anyone out there who loves to code!

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