Developer Roundtable: Decision to Migrate to Git
Azoft Blog Developer Roundtable: Decision to Migrate to Git

Developer Roundtable:
Decision to Migrate to Git

By Anna Orlova on April 24, 2013

Developer Roundtable: Decision to Migrate to Git

Azoft migrates to Git! At least is going to start migrating, since passionate discussions during the last developer roundtable resulted in the conclusion: it's really worth doing. It's all started with a report on... Hg.

The recent Azoft roundtable was dedicated to distributed revision control tool Mercurial (Hg), an alternative to the popular revision control system Apache Subversion. Roundtables are a great company tradition, when all colleagues interested in the issue gather, listen to a report and then share our ideas, doubts and thoughts, together search for new ways and resolve deadlocks. Collaboration inspires. This time we have set a video conference, so our colleagues from Tomsk could join.

Why Mercurial this time? Michail Gurevich, the speaker, has his good reason. Previously he worked for a company that had migrated to Hg a long ago and when in Azoft Misha faced SVN again, he was stunned, how much more convenient it was to work with distributed Hg than centralized SVN. He shared his thoughts and then the idea to transfer from SVN to a decentralized system appeared. Although to Git not Hg, since several Azoft specialists have already used Git and it would be tough to integrate the third version management system into existing services.

What participants say

Developer Roundtable: Decision to Migrate to Git

Alexey Kiselev, Head of Mobile Development:

"There were 3 main parts of the roundtable — presentation, a few words about Git, pros and cons. The time flew very fast, so this has been pretty interesting. The audience added some really good points about the topic. For the future, I’d like to see even more people join the roundtable, so we could have a more active discussion".

Lisa Konysheva, iOS Developer:

"To me, the information presented was very useful, because I’ve worked with SVN before, and a little bit with Git. I like how Misha Gurevich presented important info in a way that was easy to understand. After the presentation it became clear that we need to make some changes in our development division, shifting from SVN to Git".

Alexey Vasilkov, Android Developer:

"Misha brought up an interesting topic of switching to a modern system for version control. Even though Git has some disadvantages, a gradual shift to Git will allow our company to maintain our high standards and employ top-notch developers. For instance, today an experienced developer wouldn’t go work for a company that still uses CVS, and the same could become true of SVN one day".

Sergey Grigoriev, Android Developer:

"Interestingly enough, we started the roundtable by comparing SVN to Hg, but ended up choosing Git instead. But overall, the goal was accomplished. I liked the presentation — it was well-prepared and all the questions were answered".

Developer Roundtable: Decision to Migrate to Git

Oleg Valiev, General Production Manager:

"Liked it. Misha Gurevich is a good speaker, he explained the concept very well and provoked an interesting discussion afterwords. When we asked he answered and these were nice answers really".

Transition from SVN to Git is not a one-day task not even а one-week, but the results are surely worth the efforts. This roundtable was quite fruitful, hope next meetings will bring more ideas and solutions and we'll definitely share them with you.

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