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Achieving Excellence in Healthcare with a Hospital Information System

By Anna Orlova on September 25, 2014

hospital information system

Hospital information systems (HIS) have been in use for decades, yet medical institutions do not always make the most of them because they tend to favor optimizing just separate aspects of their business, such as finance or personnel management. For companies that are considering implementing HIS or that are looking for ways to boost the efficiency of an existing one, we offer the following overview of healthcare information system potential and provide recommendations on how to use the system to full advantage.

5 Reasons to Optimize
Your App for iOS 8

By Anna Orlova on September 10, 2014

5 reasons to update apps to ios8 0

Whether your iOS app is generating income for you, mostly used as a company marketing tool that you manage, or just something you put together as a hobby – our impression is that without a doubt Apple’s latest iOS 8 mobile operating system release represents a must-do upgrade to your existing app offerings.

First-Timer Insights:
4 Mobile App-Launching Myths

By Anna Orlova on September 4, 2014

First-Timer Insights: 4 Mobile App-Launching Myths

If you’re considering turning your innovative idea into a novel app, you’ve more than likely been flooded with alleged horror stories of first-time app development disasters – which may tend to scare you away from taking your shot at publishing the next hit app of Flappy Bird proportions.

To help dispel the hoopla around first-time app dev crash & burn, we had a chat about common industry myths and misconceptions with Anna Andreevskaja and Svetlana Grachova, two of our app creator clients who just launched their mission, Taste A Movie.

Azoft Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

By Nastya Tolstikova on September 1, 2014

Zoia Diakova, Azoft's server-side team lead, dared us to the Ice Bucket Challenge. And here we are, ready to bring attention to ALS, a terrible disease.

Unique Strengths of IBM Watson or How Can Your Business Benefit from Cognitive Computing

By Anna Orlova on August 21, 2014

Meet IBM Watson: How Can Your Business Benefit from Cognitive Computing

While Apple’s Siri may be the most charming implementation of cognitive computing technology so far, the most feature-rich and the most promising project – Sorry, Siri – is IBM Watson, an artificially intelligent computer system capable of answering questions in a natural, not programming language. Watson increases human intelligence and provides an enriching experience, contributing to every business and every aspect of life.

Good Sports: 3 Active Brands
That Do Mobile Right

By Anna Orlova on August 7, 2014

Good Sports: 3 Active Brands That Do Mobile Right

Many companies have already opted to launch their own promotional apps, aiming to increase their popularity or – as is the case with many longstanding industry titans – to respond to competition from quick and tech-savvy newcomers and remain in the lead. Generally these companies place their brand name front and center and the app is bloated with functions even vaguely relevant to the products or services being offered. However, this leaves them vulnerable in the app marketplace trying to compete against already popular – and usually far more refined and feature-rich – apps and widgets.

6 Inspiring Examples of Apps Bringing Companies a Good ROI

By Anna Orlova on July 31, 2014

6 Inspiring Examples of Promotional AppsWhile there are hot debates over which type of app brings in more money – totally free ones; those that cost money; free apps with ads; or free apps with in-app purchase options – it is safe to say that developing and providing free apps is more than worth the investment in the long term. The reason why we’re saying this: mobile advertising exposure and opportunities. Offering customers useful services, unique features or simply the aesthetic pleasure derived from an elegantly designed and user-friendly app, creates a buzz that significantly increases brand awareness while nurturing strong brand loyalty.

The Secret Ingredient of Successful Restaurants: Mobile Apps

By Michael Sidorov on July 23, 2014

Mobile Opportunities in the Food Service Industry

We are now at a point where more and more industries realize the economic benefits of integrating mobile technologies into their services. With a vast and growing number of potential customers accessing information on their smartphones and tablets, practically anyone serving or selling food or drink without a mobile app is risking to loose audience.