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Good Sports: 3 Active Brands
That Do Mobile Right

By Anna Orlova on August 7, 2014

Good Sports: 3 Active Brands That Do Mobile Right

Many companies have already opted to launch their own promotional apps, aiming to increase their popularity or – as is the case with many longstanding industry titans – to respond to competition from quick and tech-savvy newcomers and remain in the lead. Generally these companies place their brand name front and center and the app is bloated with functions even vaguely relevant to the products or services being offered. However, this leaves them vulnerable in the app marketplace trying to compete against already popular – and usually far more refined and feature-rich – apps and widgets.

6 Inspiring Examples of Apps Bringing Companies a Good ROI

By Anna Orlova on July 31, 2014

6 Inspiring Examples of Promotional AppsWhile there are hot debates over which type of app brings in more money – totally free ones; those that cost money; free apps with ads; or free apps with in-app purchase options – it is safe to say that developing and providing free apps is more than worth the investment in the long term. The reason why we’re saying this: mobile advertising exposure and opportunities. Offering customers useful services, unique features or simply the aesthetic pleasure derived from an elegantly designed and user-friendly app, creates a buzz that significantly increases brand awareness while nurturing strong brand loyalty.

The Secret Ingredient of Successful Restaurants: Mobile Apps

By Michael Sidorov on July 23, 2014

Mobile Opportunities in the Food Service Industry

We are now at a point where more and more industries realize the economic benefits of integrating mobile technologies into their services. With a vast and growing number of potential customers accessing information on their smartphones and tablets, practically anyone serving or selling food or drink without a mobile app is risking to loose audience.

Tales From the Code Crypt:
The Frightening Story of How Azoft Rescued a Fledgling Mobile App Project

By Alexander Sumenko on July 10, 2014

Why you need to consider more than cost when choosing a developer

There is certainly no shortage of blog posts buried within the internet advising NOT to make price the main factor in the search for a solid, reliable app development partner. And the reasons for this are hardly scarce, either: hidden costs arising out of the shadows during the course of implementation; time spent deciphering cryptic language barrier issues to ensure proper understanding of objectives; questionable quality, etc. Yet, nonetheless, many companies today still continue digging their own graves by choosing less expensive developers solely because they are… inexpensive, shall we say?

6 Tasty Android L Treats for the Developer’s Sweet Tooth

By Anna Orlova on June 30, 2014

“The Next Sweet Thing”: 6 Tasty Android L Treats Whether it stands for ‘Lollipop’ or ‘Lemon Pie’ – or whatever “The Next Sweet Thing” is going to be – ‘L’ is introducing sweeping enhancements in both design and performance to the Android mobile platform. Although the official release is still several months away, the L Developer Preview, in typical fashion, allows for experimentation with new features while as well presenting challenges of compatibility with previous Android versions.

Strengthen Your Luxury Brand Image:
5 Distinguishing App Features

By Alexandra Seremina on June 26, 2014
Strengthening Designer Brand Image: 5 Key App Features for Fashion Labels More recently, luxury fashion labels are now developing mobile applications in order to satisfy the their customers’ passion for digital – and increase brand loyalty at the same time.

Apple’s HomeKit: Has the Secure & Reliable Smart Home Arrived?

By Anna Orlova on June 11, 2014
Apple’s HomeKit: Has the Secure & Reliable Smart Home Arrived?

Control, convenience, and peace of mind are the three major benefits consumers gain from the use of “smart home” systems – the not-so-new technology that allows for the remote management of home lighting, heating, security and appliances using a mobile device or computer. Just imagine: you're just about to board the plane to go on vacation, and you suddenly realize that you’ve forgotten to turn off the oven. No problem, you can turn it off right from your phone. Wait, no need... your smart system already turned it off for you when you left the house, along with the HDTV in the living room.

That’s what the “smart home” concept is all about.

Developer’s Recap: 10 Most Important Things Apple Unveiled at WWDC 2014

By Alexey Minaev on June 4, 2014
Azoft Developer's Insights: 10 Things to Take Away from WWDC 2014 No new fabulous design concepts this time, but many new / updated features and frameworks that seem to make developers' lives easier and probably more fun. Not to mention, a new programming language has been announced that promises to make our lives more, well, interesting.