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Apple’s HomeKit: Has the Secure & Reliable Smart Home Arrived?

By Anna Orlova on June 11, 2014
Apple’s HomeKit: Has the Secure & Reliable Smart Home Arrived?

Control, convenience, and peace of mind are the three major benefits consumers gain from the use of “smart home” systems – the not-so-new technology that allows for the remote management of home lighting, heating, security and appliances using a mobile device or computer. Just imagine: you're just about to board the plane to go on vacation, and you suddenly realize that you’ve forgotten to turn off the oven. No problem, you can turn it off right from your phone. Wait, no need... your smart system already turned it off for you when you left the house, along with the HDTV in the living room.

That’s what the “smart home” concept is all about.

Developer’s Recap: 10 Most Important Things Apple Unveiled at WWDC 2014

By Alexey Minaev on June 4, 2014
Azoft Developer's Insights: 10 Things to Take Away from WWDC 2014 No new fabulous design concepts this time, but many new / updated features and frameworks that seem to make developers' lives easier and probably more fun. Not to mention, a new programming language has been announced that promises to make our lives more, well, interesting.

Telcos Gain Valuable Insight with
“Big Data”

By Anna Orlova on May 23, 2014
Big Data’s Valuable Insights Help Telcos Have you ever received a retail coupon that reflected a recent purchase, or been sent a special offer via SMS from an establishment as you walked by it? Most likely you have, and the precision of retail advertising is no surprise these days. Typically, such deep knowledge of a customer is derived from phone call and billing records, purchase history, payment records, GPS, etc. – or in other words, thorough the analysis of “Big Data”.

Avoiding Costly Changes in Development Projects

By Michael Sidorov on May 15, 2014

How to Avoid Scope Creep in Large-Scale Development ProjectsPhoto:

When you’re developing to accomplish complex, enterprise-level projects, the area of project estimation can become quite challenging due to one overriding factor: specific requirements not visible from the first sight. Having successfully delivered many complex IT, telecom and financial-related development projects, Azoft has demonstrated the efficiency of its project management team.

Web Technologies: Opportunities in the Online Retail Marketplace

By Anna Orlova on May 8, 2014
Web Technologies: Opportunities in the Online Retail Marketplace Choosing the right technologies to improve customer experience and simplify the buying process can alone determine the success or failure of a business. Web commerce technologies perfectly and substantially complement offline “brick-and-mortar” retail sales: a website is open 24/7, it reaches customers worldwide, and it delivers customer service efficiently – which are a few of the more commonly known benefits. Yet, there are still many more advantages that web technologies can offer to retail businesses. Let’s take a look...

Making the Right Decision:
How to Evaluate and Choose a Web Development Company

By Michael Sidorov on April 29, 2014
How to Decide: Evaluating and Choosing the Right Web Developer

Although it’s a stretch to compare slipping into a new website to getting a new car, they do both share in being highly important “upgrades” in our lives that require trust in the brands, or companies, we choose to do business with. You depend on the safety of your motor vehicle in the very same way you entrust your company’s brand and public image to a set of related web pages assembled by a web developer. Yet, whereas a car is a finished product where primarily the technical specification and manufacturer's track record matter most, developing a website entails a much more complex process in which you need to take active participation – working closely with your web developer – in order to successfully maintain your company’s online presence and reputation.

CMS for Business: Develop from Scratch or Use a Ready-Made Platform?

By Anna Orlova on April 17, 2014
Develop from Scratch or Use a Ready-Made Platform A stylish, compelling website is no doubt a must-have marketing tool for almost any business whether, for example, a brick-and-mortar retailer, luxury auto rental chain, an online vendor – or anything in between. Recently we wrote about the importance of making your site responsive – as in fantastic-looking in any browser whether desktop or mobile based – and today we explore a little bit into the land of the “CMS.”

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Super-Responsive Website

By Anna Orlova on April 3, 2014
5 Reasons Enterprises Need a Highly Responsive Website Some statistical data comes as no surprise: 94% of consumers use online resources to research products and services before making a purchase (Source: Compete); 80% of consumers use a smartphone to shop and research products (Source: Comscore). However, if you take into consideration data compiled by Statista predicting that five billion people will be using mobile phones by 2017, it becomes shocking to imagine the huge audience you could potentially be losing just because your out-of-date site fails to display information attractively on a smartphone or tablet.