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iOS 7 Round Table: AirDrop, Peer-to-Peer, Multitasking, and NSURLSession

By Anna Orlova on March 25, 2014
iOS 7 Round Table: AirDrop, Peer-to-Peer, Multitasking, and NSURLSession Apple's iOS 7 has presented one of the most striking set of changes for mobile developers. The recent round-table session at Azoft hosted by Victor Kotov is a follow-up to Getting Ready for iOS 7 Release round table. This time Victor has covered four new features that have proved to be the most useful so far.

Mobile Opportunities in the Financial Service Industry

By Anna Orlova on March 20, 2014
Mobile Banking Apps & Mobile Financial Services

While many small and mid-sized financial institutions are watching mobile technologies from afar, weighing the pros & cons of investing in them, other small players are successfully competing against banking giants through offering customers superior mobile services that provide more convenience.

Mobile Technologies to Watch in 2014: M2M, Powerful Chips, and Wearables

By Anna Orlova on March 6, 2014
Unveiling recent devices and major enhancements to the specs of those already on the market, the giants in the mobile industry are opening new horizons to businesses – and providing amazing new tools to mobile developers that empower them to implement their most ambitious ideas both for enterprise and consumer applications. If you plan on staying ahead of the competition, we recommend keeping a close eye on three key areas now at the forefront of the customer’s rapidly expanding list of mobile experience options: M2M, Powerful Chips and Wearables.

Apple AppStore & Google Play Trends: Promising Categories & Most Sold In-app Purchases at a Glance

By Anna Orlova on February 20, 2014
Apple AppStore & Google Play Trends: Promising Categories & Most Sold In-app Purchases at a Glance As mobile application markets continue to explode, it is difficult to keep track of all the changing tendencies of the global app landscape. Perusing through recent AppMarket Reports from Priori, we've come up with some data on US, UK and Central European AppStore & Google Play activity that mobile developers and designers alike can use to gain an overview of recent trends.

Cut Mobile Development Costs Using Business Analysis

By Anna Orlova on February 6, 2014
Why Mobile Development Companies Should Use a Business Analyst In short, the role of business analysis is to ensure that your product meets its business goals. While a project manager controls the scheduling, aiming to deliver results on time and budget, a business analyst makes sure that the project manager’s efforts are delivering the “right” project – meaning they are achieving the business objectives. Without a business analysis, even though a product still may or may not be delivered on time, there’s a high probability that what is delivered won’t meet the intended business needs.

Insourcing: Is Going Back “In-House” Your Best Mobile Dev Sourcing Strategy?

By Anna Orlova on January 23, 2014
Mobile Development Sourcing Strategy: Is Turning Back In-House a Right Decision?

Among the issues most often forcing chief executives to consider bringing outsourced services back in-house of recent are: changes in business strategy; lower-than-expected vendor performance; and smaller-than-anticipated cost reductions.

Pushing the Boundaries of
Marketing & Business Efficiency with Mobile AR Apps

By Anna Orlova on January 9, 2014
Augmented Reality: The Next Big Wave to Hit App Development

The ability to turn shopping into an entertainment experience makes AR apps highly effective marketing tools, and a win-win solution: brands stand out among competitors, and customers enjoy a content-rich, enhanced-reality experience. Virtually ‘trying on’ designer clothing items or sunglasses, for example, is just one instance of how AR apps can function effectively as marketing tools. The technology can be extended to include a multitude of benefits. One example might be a smartphone-based analogue to Lego Digital Box, an AR system that allows any Lego package to be held up to an in-store display that presents a 360º view of the fully-assembled set of blocks.

Happy Holidays!

By Anna Orlova on December 23, 2013

Thank you for staying with Azoft, making it possible for us to do our fascinating and greatly rewarding job. From all of us here, we wish that the new year brings you peace, happiness, and continued success. Best wishes and looking forward to new horizons in 2014!