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What Impact Will iOS 7 Have on Mobile App Development

By Alexandra Seremina on August 20, 2013
The brave new iOS 7 is almost ready to shine, with the official release scheduled for Fall 2013. It's probably too early to make judgements about upcoming changes, since iOS 7 is constantly evolving and Apple is releasing updated SDK once every two weeks or so (as of today, beta 6 is the latest version). But even right now we can make some predictions on how the new OS will affect mobile development, especially when updating apps that are already in the App Store and on users' devices. iOS 6 vs. iOS 7: Picking a date

5 Agile Development Practices We Found Most Useful

By Nikolay Makarov on August 14, 2013
5 Agile Development Practices We Found Most Useful Delivering high-quality software products on time, without overloading developers can be a challenge, but i's definitely not a myth. It's quite possible in teams that have agile methods in their bag of tricks and utilize them on daily basis. The great thing about agile development practices is that they're very flexible and you can choose the methods that work best for your individual project. If you're planning to introduce agile methods in your software development process, take a look at the these 5 techniques, as well as some great tools, that we believe can help your project succeed.

Developer Round Table: Getting Ready for iOS 7 Release

By Anna Orlova on August 9, 2013
Developer Round Table: Getting Ready for iOS7 Release The official iOS 7 release is right around the corner. Judging by what we’ve seen in the beta versions, some significant changes are coming to iOS development cycle. These changes are no doubt important for project cost estimation, that’s why our cost estimation experts asked iOS developer Victor Kotov to discuss with project managers and fellow iOS developers what pitfalls could the new OS conceal.

Mobile Application Development: Native, Web or Hybrid?

By Alexander Sumenko on August 7, 2013
To choose the best mobile application development strategy you should know the peculiarities of native, hybrid, and mobile web apps. In the past couple of years, there’s been much talk among software developers and tech executives about the best approach for developing mobile apps. We believe there is no (and can't possibly be) single universal answer. Quite the opposite, each of the three options — to go native, hybrid or web — has a strong impact on future development and marketing strategy, and can become either a benefit or a burden, depending the nature of your app.

Azoft Team Competes
in Comp Cup 2013

By Daria Gaidamakova on July 30, 2013
Azoft Soccer Team Competes in IT Football 2013 If you've ever heard the stereotype that software developers are boring, nerdy, and spend all day sitting behind  a computer monitor — think again. Comp Cup is an annual football and cheerleading competition for tech companies of Novosibirsk. This year, Azoft participated in Comp Cup 2013 for the first time — and showed some impressive results! Our football (soccer) team took 5th place and our cheerleaders took 2nd place.

Preventing Project Failure: 3 Tips for Software Development Managers

By Anna Orlova on July 24, 2013
What Every Project Manager Can Do to Save Software Projects from Failure Falling behind schedule is a common headache of many project managers supervising software projects. Failing to meet deadlines doesn’t only affect the project manager’s career, but also the entire team, the company’s reputation, and future success of everyone involved. Preliminary research and analysis, risk assessment, and careful planning are all ways to reduce the chances of failing the project. But software projects aren’t just accurate figures and functioning code. So much depends on the people who write thе code — the development team. How to make sure the human factor doesn’t sink your project’s ship — that’s what we are talking today about.

Azoft Celebrates 11 Years in Business

By Daria Gaidamakova on July 12, 2013
Last Saturday, July 6th, Azoft celebrated its 11th birthday. The entire team, including our Tomsk office, came together and spent a day outdoors filled with fun activities at a local park. Such summer parties are part of Azoft tradition. Every year we hold an outdoor event to mark yet another successful year in business.

10 Ways to Improve Communication Between Software Developers

By Anna Orlova on June 27, 2013
10 Ways to Improve Communication Between Software Developers Some developers claim that communication within the team isn’t strictly necessary for the success of a project. In fact, there are many examples when several developers successfully work on a common project remotely, from different parts of the world. However, our practice has shown again and again that most development teams could really benefit from improving communication.