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New Year’s Party 2013

By Daria Gaidamakova on January 5, 2013
Every December, as the year approaches its end, Azoft holds a full-scale New Year's celebration. In fact, New Year's is probably the most celebrated holiday of the year in Russia, and so is the case here at Azoft.

Happy Holidays from Azoft

By Aleksandra Seremina on December 31, 2012
Looking back at 2012 makes us very excited for all the projects we have completed and those we are currently working on. We'd like to thank all of our clients and partners for working with us this year, for all the challenging projects that came along, and for the trust. Azoft team has worked very hard this past year and we are looking forward to advancing even further in the years to come. We wish you all an amaizng new year 2013 — even more amazing than 2012. Happy New Year!

Halloween Party 2012

By Daria Gaidamakova on November 2, 2012
One of the many traditions here at Azoft is to celebrate Halloween on October 31. After a long day's work, we get together right here in the office to make Jack-o'-lanterns out of pumpkins, cook mulled wine (Glühwein), and play Mafia. And this year was no exception.

Programmers’ Day at Azoft 2012

By Aleksandra Seremina on September 12, 2012
Today, on the 256th day of the year, we celebrated our professional holiday Programmer's Day. According to a tradition here at Azoft, every year on this day developers compete in a little challenge. So, not only was this an exellent opportunity for the whole team to get together for sweets and refreshments, but also to announce the winners of our annual Programmers' Day competition. This year, for the first time ever, all team members (not only developers) could compete for prizes, since the task didn't require any programming knowledge and could be solved by employees of any department.

Azoft vs. Trash

By Kate Voynova on September 8, 2012
When: September 8th, 2012. Russian National “Subbotnik” (a.k.a Volunteer Cleaning Day) Where: Akademgorodok beach (Novosibirsk) Who: 15 volunteers from Azoft Why: To make the world a little bit better. End result: 3 hours spent. 150 bags of trash collected. clean up day 01 Azoft vs. Trash

Azoft Presentation at DevDay 2012

By Aleksandra Seremina on August 17, 2012
This year our iOS developer Viktor Kotov gave a presentation on DevDay, a local monthy meeting for software developers of Novosibirsk. The event took place on August, 15 at 2GIS office and was focused on mobile development. Victor told the audience about application monetization with In-App Purchase.

CodeFest Mini 2012

By Aleksandra Seremina on July 28, 2012
CodeFest Mini is the "baby-brother" of traditional summer CodeFest, which is quite an event for IT enthusiasts here in Siberia. The difference between CodeFest and CodeFest Mini is that the Mini version focuses primarily on Project Management and PM-related issues. Our comrades exchanged presentations and really enjoyed a great smart, sunny day. codefest mini 2012 01 CodeFest Mini 2012

Happy Holiday Season from Azoft 2011

By Aleksandra Seremina on December 12, 2011
Another year is coming to an end, so we'd like to take a moment and wish you a Happy Holiday Season!