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Preventing Project Failure: 3 Tips for Software Development Managers

By Anna Orlova on July 24, 2013
What Every Project Manager Can Do to Save Software Projects from Failure Falling behind schedule is a common headache of many project managers supervising software projects. Failing to meet deadlines doesn’t only affect the project manager’s career, but also the entire team, the company’s reputation, and future success of everyone involved. Preliminary research and analysis, risk assessment, and careful planning are all ways to reduce the chances of failing the project. But software projects aren’t just accurate figures and functioning code. So much depends on the people who write thе code — the development team. How to make sure the human factor doesn’t sink your project’s ship — that’s what we are talking today about.

Azoft Celebrates 11 Years in Business

By Daria Gaidamakova on July 12, 2013
Last Saturday, July 6th, Azoft celebrated its 11th birthday. The entire team, including our Tomsk office, came together and spent a day outdoors filled with fun activities at a local park. Such summer parties are part of Azoft tradition. Every year we hold an outdoor event to mark yet another successful year in business.

10 Ways to Improve Communication Between Software Developers

By Anna Orlova on June 27, 2013
10 Ways to Improve Communication Between Software Developers Some developers claim that communication within the team isn’t strictly necessary for the success of a project. In fact, there are many examples when several developers successfully work on a common project remotely, from different parts of the world. However, our practice has shown again and again that most development teams could really benefit from improving communication.

New Opportunities for
Mobile Development Companies
Discussed at M2M Conference

By Anna Orlova on June 20, 2013
New opportunities for mobile development companies in M2M communication This June has turned out to be rich in events that reveal the next stage in automotive industry evolution. On June 10, 2013 Apple presented iOS 7, the new operating system for mobile devices, and iOS in the Car — integration of iOS devices with a car in-dash system coming in 2014. In addition, the largest business forum devoted to in-car content, called Content and Apps for Automotive Conference and Exhibition 2013 (Munich, Germany), was also held this June. This year the event focused on machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies, in particular on integration of cars and apps.

iOS 7 Review and First Thoughts from an iOS Developer

By Victor Kotov on June 13, 2013
On June 10th, 2013 Apple presented the next version of their mobile operating system — iOS 7. So, the question is, will this version turn out to be a success? In this post I will provide a brief review and share my personal opinion about iOS 7. Note that I will only be using sources that are open to the public, since disclosing any information from Apple’s developer portal (a.k.a. iOS Dev Center) isn’t allowed by NDA.

iOS In-App Purchase Overview: Our Hands-On Experience

By Victor Kotov on June 6, 2013
A lot has been written about In-App Purchase implementation in iOS apps, yet the issue throws us one curveball after another when it comes to practice. Today I'd like to share our experience of developing, testing and releasing an In-App Purchase app with auto-renewable subscription and avoiding the pitfalls we've met on the way. The terms of agreement with our client prevent me from giving the real name of the app, so let’s call it ABC digital encyclopedia. iOS Application Business Models — Paid Apps

10 Tips for Effective Communication with Clients

By Anna Demidova on May 21, 2013
When it comes to establishing effective communication with clients, the rules of conduct are based not only on business ethics, but also on basic human nature. Every detail is important -- from keeping your promises to simple things like the tone of your voice when explaining your services to potential buyers. Below, I have compiled a list of 10 simples rules to help you build lasting relationships with existing and potential clients.

Android Application Development:
10 Tips for More Efficient Apps

By Anna Orlova on May 14, 2013
Every drawback in product efficiency, battery and memory consumption can really affect your app’s success. That’s why it is critical to develop well-optimized, smooth running apps that never make Android system guard against them. We will not speak about efficient coding, since it goes without saying that the code you write should stand any performance test. But even brilliant code takes time to run. In today’s post, we’ll talk about how to minimize this time and make apps that users love.