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5 Critical Decisions for Planning
a Mobile Development Budget

By Konstantin Kalinin on May 2, 2013
Mobile applications today are used in many different business areas, whether it is for internal corporate use or for providing services to clients. People come up with new concepts and ideas for apps everyday, but how does one ensure that app becomes a success without exceeding the budget and estimated time frame?

Operation Secret Check-in or Happy Birthday to City Office

By Nastya Tolstikova on April 26, 2013
Last year Azoft opened a new office in the center of Novosibirsk for the colleagues who live nearby, since its headquarter is located in Akademgorodok — 20 km away from the city center. Considerable time savings, cosy interior and hearty atmosphere along with a gorgeous sight of the Ob river right from the window — all these and a lot more were the gift for Azoft people who live far away from Academ. Today we, the feral inhabitants of the headquarter, came to the city to congratulate our fellow colleagues and the office with their first birthday.

Investing into iPhone App Development: What’s the Gain?

By Anna Orlova on April 25, 2013
If you’ve come up with a concept for a great new app, you might be eager to hire a development team and have the app released as soon as possible, before competitors. However, before you jump to development, it is a good idea to think ahead and make some estimations: will you get a reasonable return on investment once the app is released?

Developer Roundtable:
Decision to Migrate to Git

By Anna Orlova on April 24, 2013
Developer Roundtable: Decision to Migrate to Git Azoft migrates to Git! At least is going to start migrating, since passionate discussions during the last developer roundtable resulted in the conclusion: it's really worth doing. It's all started with a report on... Hg.

Partnership with Certificate Exchange: 10 Years and Counting!

By Daria Gaidamakova on March 28, 2013

Today marks exactly ten years since Azoft began working with Certificate Exchange – one of our first and still ongoing projects.

Best Practices for Secure Mobile Application Development

By Anna Orlova on March 26, 2013

Before hiring a mobile development team and beginning the development process, it is important not to overlook the security of your future application. Confidential information exposure, theft and blackmail are just a few of the unfortunate consequences a poorly designed and implemented mobile app security system can lead to.

Alexey Romanenko: From Junior Developer to Team Leader in 2 Years

By Julia Lyakhova on March 20, 2013
In February 2011, on a cold winter day, a new junior PHP developer Alexey Romanenko came to his first day of work in Azoft. Today, Alexey is already the leader of Azoft web development team. In this interview, Alexey talks about his work, life, and what it takes to succeed in the software development industry.

Spring is finally here!

By Anna Orlova on March 15, 2013
Spring has arrived to Azoft. Here in Siberia we've probably been awaiting spring more passionately than our colleagues in warmer parts of the world. The snow is finally starting to melt, the days become longer, the air is warmer and we sure know to appreciate it after the long winter.