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6 Promising Ways Every Business Can Use AI

By Darya Kazovskaja on May 18, 2017

AI for business

Evolution to AI (artificial intelligence) will be more radical than ape-to-human, says Nick Bostrom, AI guru and philosopher. And that’s true. Today the most successful companies across the globe from Bosch up to Starbucks use AI-based solutions to reduce costs, generate revenue, and increase performance.

5 Mobile App Marketing Spells Users Can’t Resist

By Ilya Kataev on May 11, 2017

5 Mobile App Marketing Spells Users Can’t Resist

Statistically, 25% of all mobile apps are used only once and then get abandoned forever. If an app was opened only once in the first week after it was downloaded, there is a 60% probability it won’t ever be used again. Sounds like an evil curse, right? The truth is that the mobile application market is so saturated we need some magic to make our app succeed. By reading this article you will learn 5 powerful spells that drive mobile app engagement and increase user retention. These two are primary mobile app marketing goals.

How Mobile Apps Are Reshaping Retail

By Olga Aksenova on May 4, 2017

How mobile apps are reshaping retail

Retail is going mobile. Aiming to increase profit margins and engage more customers, business owners turn to mobile app development. Is this the right decision? How can a retailer efficiently use a mobile app?

Cross-Platform App Development: When, Why, and How

By Darya Kazovskaja on April 27, 2017

Cross-Platform App Development: When, Why, and How

Business often underestimates cross-platform app development. In fact, cross-platform technologies have many advantages. The main benefit is the ability to develop mobile and web applications in one language. Let's consider 6 basic situations when cross-platform development is very effective.

Make Money with Mobile Development: App Monetization Tips

By Olga Aksenova on April 20, 2017

App monetization tips

We use mobile apps every day: for work, entertainment, navigation, and education. Some of them are free, others provide additional features for money. Thus, a mobile app is another way to increase business profit. How? — We explain in detail.

Restaurant Apps: Top 8 Features

By Olga Aksenova on April 6, 2017

Restaurant Apps: Top 8 Features

Mobile apps are a convenient tool for restaurant owners. When developing an app, remember that the functionality should be intuitive, well thought out and not supersaturated. What other features can be useful for restaurant apps? Find out in our article.

How to Improve a Low-Quality Mobile App

By Darya Kazovskaja on March 23, 2017

How to improve a low-quality mobile app

Mobile app development is a complicated process. This requires attention, time, and money. When it's quite hard to control everything, a business entrusts all the stuff to mobile developers, and face with amateurs. The result is the worst mobile app ever. How to discover the problems and make a top-notch app from a low-quality one?

IT Careers: Machine Learning

By Olga Aksenova on March 16, 2017

Machine Learning

Nowadays machine learning is used to solve a variety of tasks, from object recognition to complex technical computing and computer linguistics. How can you become a true professional in machine learning? What skills do you need as ML specialist? Look forward to our next review!