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Android M: What Do You Need to Know?

By Anna Rassypnova on June 3, 2015


Google I/O 2015 conference was held last week. Millions of developers, journalists, businessmen, and loyal users of Google products across the globe followed the event. However, the reviews are quite contradictory: part of the audience concluded that Google I/O 2015 was boring, while others were very much inspired by the presented information.

Augmented Reality: Does It Shift Our Expectations?

By Anna Rassypnova on April 30, 2015

Augmented Reality, or AR, is not a new trend. Since 2009, AR periodically comes into the spotlight in tech news and media, but then gives way to the other topics. However, developers’ and journalists’ interest in Augmented Reality always comes back, showing the importance of this technology.

Mobility in Logistics: Door Delivery Mobile Solutions

By Anna Rassypnova on April 15, 2015

Mobility in Logistics: Door Delivery Mobile Solutions

The growing impact of mobile connectivity and increasing demand from the omni-channel clients have encouraged many courier and delivery service providers to rethink their business strategies. These days, mobile solutions are becoming increasingly profitable. In this post, we will discuss mobile opportunities for delivery service providers, as well as our experience in mobile app development for this business segment.

Attract new customers and encourage customer loyalty? Optimize couriers’ workflows? Choose the best routes to decrease delivery time? There’s nothing impossible for the mobile apps.

5 Blockbuster Branded Apps
and Their Secrets

By Anna Rassypnova on March 31, 2015

5 Blockbuster Branded Apps and Their Secrets

Branded mobile apps are still popular, but studies suggest that business owners’ interest in developing branded mobile apps is gradually declining. Forrester mobile marketing report claims that the average UK and US smartphone user has 24 apps on his/her mobile device, but spends 80% of time using only 5. The most popular apps are messengers, social media, and gaming. As for branded apps, 90% of them are downloaded less than 10 000 times. Considering these statistics, it’s understandable why many businesses these days are skeptical about developing new branded apps.

Consumerization of IT: Enterprise User Interface Integration

By Anna Rassypnova on March 19, 2015


The biggest industry experts consider IT consumerization to be one of top 2015 trends for enterprise software. Generally speaking, IT consumerization is all about end-user digital experience: devices and platforms the software supports, systems' integration, data visualization and much more. In this post we’ll take a close look at enterprise user interfaces and, more specifically, the importance of having a single user interface across a large number of systems used by employees.

Mobile World Congress 2015:
Top Industry Trends

By Anna Rassypnova on March 12, 2015

Mobile World Congress 2015 Top Industry Trends

Mobile World Congress attracts everyone’s attention and there’s no question why. 3800 mobile industry experts, 5000 CEOs, 2100 participants and more than 90000 visitors came to Barcelona to be a part of the largest mobile technology event. In 2015, Mobile World Congress set a new visitation record, increasing the audience by 9.4% in comparison with the last year. 

Cost, Schedule and Scope: Prioritizing in Software Production

By Anna Rassypnova on March 5, 2015

Cost, Schedule and Scope: Prioritizing in Software Production

You have a bright idea for a software project that could move your business to an all new level. Whether you’re planning a complex enterprise automation solution or a simple mobile app for pizza delivery, all projects have common constraints. According to these constraints an idea turns into working software. Acknowledging the basic limitations will help you avoid stress and save money down the road.

In this post, I’ll show you how to prioritize core aspects of software development within the most common project constraints. Let’s look at perhaps the most important and basic concept of software production — the so-called Iron Triangle.

How to Ensure Success for Offshore Agile Development

By Alexandra Seremina on February 5, 2015

How to Ensure Success for Offshore Agile Development

Some say agile and outsourcing don’t mix well. Or do they? Many companies that embrace agile approach to software development avoid outsourcing because they believe agile does not work at a distance. After all, agile methods require constant communication, flexibility, self-governance and trust within the team, all of which seem tricky when your team is a world away. But do you really need to choose between outsourcing and practicing agile – or is it entirely possible to combine them both?