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A short trip to Akademgorodok and Azoft headquarter

By Margarita Zabrodina on December 23, 2014

Azoft team next to headquarters office in AkademgorodokWe meet our client at the airport, and now after an hour's drive we arrive in Akademgorodok — a small town near Novosibirsk, the third-largest city in Russia following Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Our guest is surprised to learn that in winter Akademgorodok ressembles a huge snow-covered forest. He is also quite surprised to learn that Azoft’s headquarters are located here and that most of Azoft’ employees live nearby.

Best Wishes for 2015 from the Custom Software Developers at Azoft

By Alexandra Seremina on December 18, 2014

The Best of 2014 From Custom Software Developers2014 was an exciting year for the tech world, and that was no exception at Azoft. The end of every year is traditionally a time to look back and reflect. We've been working hard the whole year to provide the best possible custom software solutions for our customers' success and prosperity.

Business Process Automation on Mobile: Some Examples of Mobile Workflows

By Alexandra Seremina on December 5, 2014

Business process automation on mobile: Some examples of mobile workflows

In the last few decades, almost every somewhat successful business has implemented digital technology into their business processes. We've adopted ERP and CRM systems, implemented document and order management capabilities, handled accounting, project management and many other issues that generations before were carried out manually by “staff” in their respective “departments.” But today as it has always been, regardless of the technology applied, CIOs hear the same question: “What do we do to drive growth?”

Play More, Work Better: Gamification in Enterprises

By Faina Babintseva on November 13, 2014

Enterprise gamification solutions

According to a recent report, 87 percent employees worldwide are not actively engaged in the workflow. Companies that do strive to attain greater staff member engagement and motivation, however, more than triple their business results compared to those who make no effort. How can you encourage employees to work more effectively and increase their involvement? Gamification is one of the ways to motivate your employees, but before talking about it, we first need to figure out what it is exactly.

10 Tips for Productive Collaboration with Outsource Development Teams

By Alexander Sumenko on November 6, 2014

Ten tips for productive collaboration

Outsourcing mobile apps or business automation projects can be unwieldy, because there are many, many factors that might become a headache: different time zones, dissimilar approaches to project management, use of unconventional tools and practices, and, above all, the notorious human factor. Nonetheless, after successfully completing many outsourced projects, we can confirm that outsourcing can be quite productive.

Three relatively simple things come to mind when thinking of what makes for effective and mutually beneficial client-developer relationships: trust, understanding, and cooperation. You may find useful the following ten tips on how to implement these principles and handle outsourcing more efficiently.

Mobilizing the Enterprise: Choosing between Custom Mobile Solutions and Ready-Made Apps

By Anna Orlova on October 23, 2014

mobilizing the enterprise

One of the reasons the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend has become so popular among businesses is that it boosts employees’ personal productivity. Having your company’s business apps always at hand on phones and tablets allows workers to stay connected to all the key data, contacts and tools when outside the office. Yet, if left uncontrolled, BYOD can be counterproductive and exposes organizations to risks in terms of security and access to confidential data.

Introducing Innovation in Cultural Institutions through the Use of
Mobile Technology

By Anna Orlova on October 9, 2014

Introducing innovation in cultural institutions through the use of mobile technology

Annual school excursions and occasional public events are, of course, good business for galleries and museums, but if you aim to draw customers all year round, introducing mobile technology is the right strategy. The new thrilling and engaging ways to view art and science that augmented reality and indoor location-tagging technologies bring to visitors help to preserve and increase the overall competitiveness of cultural institutions.

6 Key Considerations
When Testing Mobile Apps

By Anna Orlova on October 2, 2014

6 Key Considerations When Testing Mobile Apps

If you have ever visited the Quality Assurance section of our website, you will have noticed that functional testing, listed among several testing services, is included in all our project estimates. You might feel that while major mobile projects, for example iOS 8, do require preliminary testing before official release in order to ensure that users’ phones can at least connect to a carrier, most mobile apps seem to have not much to test.